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There are always dog companions in Perry and Kodi's home.  We love dogs and treat them as family. When Kodi and I married she had two wonderful pets. Jackie was a Welsh Terrier out of Vancouver, Washington. Alex was a Norwich Terrier out of Weiser, Idaho.


After Jackie passed, we totally fell in love with Alex and the Norwich Terrier breed.  Because Norwich Terriers are rare and litters are typically one or two pups - Alex was alone for several years until we found a show quality Norwich breeder in Montana.  We only saw pictures and her AKC blood line before Emmy arrived in Boise on a commercial airline flight from Montana in November of 2007.  Emmy was born on September 14th, 2007.


We lost our beloved Alex at age 16 1/2 in 2012.  Our search for another Norwich Terrier came very quickly as we lucked out with a reputable breeder in the Boise area.  We named the new Norwich puppy Moki ( a female) after the Moki Indians of the Southern Utah country where Perry grew up. Moki arrived at the Ekker home in November 2012.



2017 - Emmy and Moki 2009 - Alex and Emmy
2016 - Emmy and Moki 2008 - Alex and Emmy
2015 - Emmy and Moki 2007 - Alex and Emmy
2014 - Emmy and Moki 2006 - Alex
2013 - Emmy and Moki 2005 - Alex
2012 - Emmy and Moki 2004 - Alex
2011 - Alex and Emmy 2003 - Alex and Jackie
2011 - Alex and Emmy 2002 - Alex and Jackie
2010 - Alex and Emmy 2001 - Alex and Jackie

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2017 - Emmy and Moki


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2016 - Emmy and Moki

Our doggies, Emmy and Moki, really like our camping trips.  One trip was to Miracle Hot Spring near Hagerman, Idaho where Emmy was really interested in the Sturgeon at the fish hatchery.


In 2016 I built Emmy and Moki and new stand for their window view.  They spend most of their day watching out the window for anything that moves.  They let us know when someone comes to the door.




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2015 - Emmy and Moki



Select this link to watch a video of Moki and Emmy.

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2014 - Emmy and Moki



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2013 - Emmy and Moki




Video of Moki and Emmy hunting varmints in the wood pile at the cabin.
Video of Moki and Emmy in their favorite spot watching a rabbit in the front yard.

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2012 - Emmy and Moki

The new Norwich Terrier Moki and Emmy - November 2012


This link will launch a video of Moki at Dee Hanna's on October 27, 2012.


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2011 - Alex and Emmy


Pictures of the doggies on our camping to Beaver Creek with Kris and Mike August 2011.


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2010 - Alex and Emmy


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2009 - Alex and Emmy

Video of Emmy playing with her image in the mirror. November 12, 2009

Video of my little buddy Alex. January 14, 2009


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2008 - Alex and Emmy

Alex and Emmy playing in the back yard March 25, 2008 and Emmy when we were camping on the Selway River.

Video of new puppy, Emmy


March 2008


Christmas 2008


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2007 - Alex and Emmy


We have a new puppy, Emmy.  She arrived at the Ekker cabin November 2007.  She was born on September 14th, 2007.

Emmy's bill of sale papers.


Christmas 2007



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2006 - Alex



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2005 - Alex



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2004 - Alex



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2003 - Alex and Jackie

We lost Jackie in 2003. Jackie was one of a kind.  We will miss her as Alex does.

In Memory of Jackie.



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2002 - Alex and Jackie



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2001 - Alex and Jackie


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