Darys and Clella Ekker Family Reunion 2004

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Michelle Miller, Perry's daughter, suggested that the first annual  family reunion would begin a new tradition for the children of Darys and Clella Ekker.  Plans were made and invitations were sent out for the reunion to be held on July 17th and 18th at Perry and Kodi's cabin in Placerville, Idaho.


Food, fun, and visiting.  The count for the weekend was 49.  It started with Perry fixing a dutch over dinner for those who could make it  Friday night.   Saturday was the official day.  Trail riding kept Perry's four wheelers and dirt bikes  busy.  Some took in the fishing.  Horse shoe games and a big barbeque in the afternoon with tons of good food.  More than imaginable.  Then an evening of music with the band stand on Perry's utility trailer.  Surprising talent surfaced from the family and a fun time  and visit was enjoyed by all.


Plans are already in the making for the Second Annual Darys and Clella Ekker Family Reunion.  Mark you calendars free every third weekend in July. 


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