Idaho City Area

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In August, 1862,  a prospecting party with Moses Splawn, Dave Fogue and George Grimes discovered placer gold about seven miles northwest of what is now Idaho City.  Grimes was shot, perhaps by Indians, and the party returned to Walla Walla.  Their news made the area, known as Boise Basin (eighteen miles square), the scene of the biggest gold rush since California's Mother Lode.  The party returned from Walla Walla in October, and founded Pioneer City (Pioneerville).  Three other camps soon studded the creek banks:  Placerville, Centerville, and Bannock City, which was renamed Idaho City by the Territorial Legislature.

East of Idaho City are the tributaries' of the main Boise River.  The North Fork, Middle Fork, and South Forks of the Boise River are wonderful recreation areas.




Camping trip to the South Fork of the Boise River July 28 to August 7, 2016.







Camping trip to the North Fork of the Boise River August 1, to 9, 2007.



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