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This page is dedicated to the story behind the music.

I'm searching through countless cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes for music for this time-line story page.  This page is a work in progress, but I do plan to keep looking for examples that tell my story of a life time of playing guitar, bass guitar, pedal steel guitar, and singing.


Music has always been a treasured part of my childhood and lifestyle.  I was born into a unique family of musicians.  My sisters played, my brother played, my uncles played, my cousins played, and all were singers too.  I came from a long line of musical talent on both sides of my mother's and father's families.  I thank my father for passing his talents and interest in music along to me.  Ekker and Lance reunions were anchored around music.  With my grandparents having twelve children each, and both families, Lance and Ekker,  musically inclined, twenty to thirty pickers and singers at reunions could generate quite the talent show and a shit-kicking dance environment.


2011 - 2017 - Hecktor Pecktor Band
2014 - Perry and Bert's Recordings
2010 - Rains Pedal Steel Guitar - A Tribute to The Eagles
1998 - "Night Riders" Reunion in Lava Hot Springs
1991 - "Easy 3 and Me" band
1986 - Family Recording - Thanksgiving in Price, Utah
1984 / 1986- The "Cody Creek" band
1984 - Ina's recordings in Mike Sanders studio
1983  - The "Country Gold"  band
1980 - LaMont, Kevin, Neal, and Bert recordings
1980 / 1982 - The "Night Riders"-  Silver Dollar Bar, Pocatello
1978 / 1980 - The "Night Riders" band
1976 / 1978 - The "Night Riders" - Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
1973 - Ina's band "Easy 3 and Me"
1969 - News Years Eve in Richfield, Utah
1969 - Home from the service  - The "Big Apple" in Torrey, Utah
1968 - Music while in the US Army at Colorado Springs, Colorado
1966 - College band at the College of Eastern Utah in Price, Utah
1966 - "The Canyonlanders"
1965 - The 45 rpm recording
1959 -  My first Les Paul Custom Gibson guitar
1958 - Loa, Utah - Wayne County Fairs
1955 - The music begin at age eight
Family Home Studio Recordings

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2011 - 2017 - Hecktor Pecktor Band

I'm been a member of the Hecktor Pecktor band playing  pedal steel guitar, lap steel, and acoustic and lead guitar some gigs. The current band was formed after us Idaho Power guys retired.  The retired guys are Karl Peck, Vic Perez, and me -  Perry Ekker. Karl's son Brian and Doug Grant are the young guys in the band.  You can follow us using our website outlets to find our schedule, play our songs, watch videos, or purchase our music.  We thank all the "Pectators" for your support over the years.



Web sites that you can find Hecktor Pecktor

Hecktor Pecktor Website:
Reverbnation Website
Sound Cloud
Hecktor Pecktor on Facebook


You can find Hecktor Pecktor on Amazon, Youtube,  and Itunes.


Here is some samples of our music.

Valley County Blues - song Valley County Blues - YouTube Video
Clearwater - song Clearwater - YouTube Video

Slide show pictures from the gig at WilliB's - April 14, 2012 - set to "Clearwater" by Brian Peck and the Hecktor Pecktor Band.

NOT READY YET - Video from WilliB's - March 28, 2016 - with special guest Steve on drums.

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2014 - Perry and Bert's Recordings

Bert came up with the idea of recording his music after the family reunion in 2014.  He created each song by recording his track with his rhythm guitar and his vocal's.  He would then send the file to me to import to my TasCam recording equipment to add additional background tracks as needed.  I would add pedal steel, lead guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and Cajon (drum box) if needed.  Bert's excitement with his project influenced me to start recording instrumental songs again.  I'll post our music when we get them finished to the Sound Cloud link below. 

Bert May -- We have a great time doing this. I dubbed our little project "The Music MayEkkers". Here you'll find some new stuff and enhancements to old songs, like added backup vocals and little guitar ditties that I've added. Listening to these with headphones is required.

Perry's instrumental songs  

Silver Wings


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2010 - Rains Pedal Steel Guitar.

After playing the Erickson SD-12 (Single neck - Double body - 12 string) for forty years, I ordered a new Rains SD-10 steel guitar in December of 2009.  This short video is the first song I played on the new Rains SD-10.   I fall to Pieces

Here are a few instrumentals with Perry playing his new Rains Pedal Steel.

I Fall to Pieces The Blame
Save the Last Dance for Me She Thinks I Still Care
Sensuous Woman That The Way Loves Goes

A tribute to The Eagles - Pedal Steel Guitar by Perry Ekker.

Best Of My Love Lyin' Eyes
New Kid In Town Peaceful Easy Feeling
Tequila Sunrise  

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1998 - "Night Riders" Reunion in Lava Hot Springs.

After 14 years from disbanding the last Night Riders band in 1984, a reunion was scheduled in Lava Hot Springs in 1998. The Lava Hot Springs Wagon Wheel Lounge was the original location where the Night Riders were formed in 1974.  Members of the last Night Riders band in 1984 were Jan Adams, Adrian Ruger, Leon Perkins, RD Mount, and Perry Ekker. Two months before the booked event in 1998, RD Mount passed away from a heart attack. Leon Perkins' son Jason set in for RD on bass during the four night reunion gig in Lava Hot Springs.

Night Riders reunion:  These are a few songs recorded live in Lava Hot Springs the weekend of the Night Riders reunion in 1998.

Perry Ekker - Love Was Made for You and Me Leon Perkins  - Cherokee Fiddle
Jason Perkins - Neon Moon  

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1991 - "Easy 3 and Me" band.

The last band I worked with professionally was called "Easy 3 and Me".  This was the original band that my sister Ina had worked with for many years in the 70's.  We worked at the Elk's Lodge in Pocatello.  Band members were Eddy Ashcraft on bass, Heavy Duty on lead guitar and banjo,  Dan Robertson on drums, and me on pedal steel guitar.

Eddy Ashcraft - Ace In The Hole Eddy Ashcraft - Amarillo By Morning

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1986 - Family Recording - Thanksgiving in Price, Utah

In 1986, the family was together for Thanksgiving at my sister Connie's home in Price, Utah.  I took the opportunity to record some music.  The technology I used at the time was a four-track cassette recorder.  I played lead guitar and used a drum machine while dad played rhythm guitar, with a family member singing for the first pass at the recordings.   I then mixed the four tracks I played earlier to one track and added the bass.  After the bass was recorded, I added the pedal steel guitar.  In addition, I added Ina's, mine, and other harmony voices to the recording.

Dad - Hay it's Good to be back home again Ina - It don't Hurt Me Half As Bad
Dad - One day at a time  

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1984 / 1986- The "Cody Creek" band.

After Adrian and I left Country Gold, we started a campaign to form a new band. Within a few weeks we found fellow musicians ready to play.  Bill Gough had been the bass player for Country Gold for many years. Bobby Skinner had also work with Country Gold at one time. Bobby was good friends with Danny Lauer and suggested adding his talents of harmonica and percussions.


After a few practice sessions we felt ready to advertize the new band.  Bill Gough's suggestion of "Codi Creek" was the choice for the bands name.  

Based on our connection with the owner of the Silver Dollar Bar in Pocatello, we were hired for a tryout gig.  We proved our value by packing the place and were offered the job.  Jan Adams had returned from Houston, and we soon hired Jan Adams to make the band a six-piece.   The personalities within the band were a successful combination, allowing the music to thrive.  

We invested a portion of earning into expanding the main PA system and the stage monitoring system.  We hired Dave Ogren to run the remote main mixing board.

I also ordered and new custom built Erickson SD-12 Universal steel guitar in 1984.

Bill Gough      - Louisianan Saturday Night Bobby Skinner  -  By Pass This Heart
Jan Adams   -  Love Is Alive Danny Lauer     -  Betty's Being Bad
Adrian Ruger - Mountain Music Perry Ekker       - Silver Wings
Bill Gough     -   Weekend Logger Blues Perry Ekker       - A Thousand Ways - Original

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1984 - Ina's recordings in Kenny Sanders studio

Mike Sanders was a well known musician in Pocatello, Idaho.  He had established a professional recording studio in his home mainly for radio and television advertizing jingles.  He also recorded his own music and played guitar and keyboard in local bands. Ina ask Adrian Ruger and I to provide the back-up music for her recordings.  We spent some time in  Mike Sanders studio and recorded three songs for Ina.

This music was produced with electronic drums, Adrian on keyboards, me on bass and pedal steel guitar, and Kenny Sanders played rhythm guitar.

Ina - After All These Years Ina - Don't Worry About Me
Ina - Touch My Heart  

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1983  - The "Country Gold"  band.

During this same time period, the band Country Gold, the Night Riders competition in the 1970's and 1980's, had also broken up.  There we several attempts for Adrian and I to form a new band during 1983.  We put a band together and worked in Malad for only one weekend.  Members of that band were Rick Trulson playing lead guitar, Dan Robertson on drums, Adrian Ruger on keyboards, Kurt Cain on bass, and me playing lead guitar and pedal steel guitar.

Finally, Adrian and I teamed up with three members of Country Gold - Rocky Watson, Keith Crystal and the drummer, Jim Rider.  Adrian took on the bass duties with his keyboards. We played as Country Gold mid-summer of 1983 at the Silver Dollar Bar in Pocatello.  Although the band members were professional musicians, the music and stage presence suffered because of personality conflicts - mainly mine and Rocky's.

Chicken Truck Fire
Cowboy You Were Always On My Mind

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1980 - LaMont, Kevin, Neal, and Bert recordings

During a trip back home to Hanksville, the younger generation cousins, Neal Ekker, Kevin Hatch, Bert May,  and my brother LaMont set up in the Hanksville school.  I had my reel-to-reel recorder and taped some songs.

Billy Boy In The Sky
Jo Jo Lady Madonna
Lay Down Sally Pitiful Me
Were All The Way Jam Song - just made shit up...

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1980 / 1982 - The "Night Rider" - Silver Dollar, Pocatello, Idaho

In 1980, the Night Riders arranged a deal with the owner of the Silver Dollar Bar in Pocatello, Idaho to share time with a band called "South Wind".  They would play for two weeks and then the Night Riders would play for two weeks.   During the off weeks the Night Riders Band would book other gigs in the area.  Sometime during the 1981 time frame, the owner of the Silver Dollar Bar contracted the Night Riders to be the house band.

These are live recordings with a two-track cassette recorder at the Silver Dollar Bar in 1982.  Band members were, Leon Perkins drums, Adrian Ruger keyboards, RD Mount bass, Jan Adams fiddle, and Perry Ekker lead and pedal steel guitar.

Leon Perkins   - Cherokee Fiddle RD Mount       - Black Bart - Original song
Leon Perkins   - Fire On The Mountain RD Mount  - The Chicken Song - Original song
Perry Ekker - Love Was Made For You And Me - Original song RD Mount - Big Mean Rome - Original song
Leon Perkins - Diana  

Several events broke up the Night Riders Band in 1983.  RD Mount moved to Colorado for work and Jan Adams move to Houston, Texas.  Leon Perkins quit the band for personal reasons. 

Adrian and Perry organized a band with Dan Robertson and my sister Ina.  We worked at the Silver Dollar Bar in Pocatello for a few weeks to fulfill the Night Riders contract with the owner. 

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1978 / 1980 - The "Night Riders" band.

My interest in pedal steel guitar evolved after using a four-neck 8-string Fender on stage at a gig at the Spanbauers Barn in Chubbuck, Idaho for a Halloween dance in October 1978.  I had browed the guitar from a friend musician.   Searching southern Idaho, there was only one other pedal steel player.  He lived in Soda Spring and owned a music store.  I spent some time with him on a used Erickson single neck 12-string guitar.  The 12-string Erickson was a Universal steel.  Technically, a Universal 12-string guitar's tuning allows both E9th and C6th capability.   The guitars pedal and knee lever system is based around E9th, but with 12-strings, compared to the 10-strings from a normal E9th guitar, the 12-string Universal can emulate a C6th sound.  I purchased the used Erickson Universal in 1978 and started the  process of learning how to play a Universal pedal steel guitar.  The pedal steel guitar was my life-long dream. 

During our time off from the Wagon Wheel Lounge in Lava Hot Springs during the summer and winter of 1978, the Night Riders booked other establishments.   One booking was Malad, Idaho where Kurt Cain had ownership interests in a local bar.   For reasons I can not remember, I did not work the gig in Malad.  My replacement was Rick Trulson as lead guitarist for the Malad job.  The Night Riders with Adrian Ruger, Kurt Cain, Leon Perkins, and Rick Trulson also worked for the new owner of the Wagon Wheel Lounge for a few weekends before Kurt quit the band late1978 to run the bar in Malad, Idaho.

Leon Perkins had booked gigs in Soda Springs, Idaho and at the Kneels Bar in Pocatello, Idaho. We replaced Kurt on bass with Linda Denver for the Kneels gig in Pocatello. The Night Riders band for this event was; Leon Perkins drums, Adrian Ruger on keyboards, Linda Denver bass, and me, Perry Ekker on lead guitar.  These are a few recordings from that night.

Leon Perkins - Lou Loui  Perry Ekker - Fighting Side Of Me
Night Riders Thyme Song  

For the Soda Spring job, Adrian and Linda Denver could not work.  Linda knew a fiddle and rhythm guitar player Jan Adams.  Leon ask Jan Adams along with Bill Holmes, and Rick Trulson to help Leon and I with the gig.  Here are a few songs from the Soda Springs gig.  Rick Trulson is playing lead guitar and keyboards, Bill Holmes bass,  Jan Adams on rhythm guitar and fiddle, Leon Perkins on drums, and me, Perry Ekker on lead guitar.  I set up the new pedal steel guitar and felt confident with my hours and hours of practice that I could play this instrument on stage.

Jan Adams - I can feel a Heartache Leon Perkins - Games People Play
Rick Trulson - Jail House Rock Rick Trulson - Your Cheating Heart

During 1979 time frame the Night Riders band went through several changes. Jan (Hale) Adams and Linda (Denver) Jones had booked a job at the Silver Dollar Bar in Pocatello, Idaho.  Jan called me to see if I could help her and Linda put a band together to fulfill the gig. I called Adrian and Leon to see if we could help Jan and Linda with the gig at the Silver Dollar.  We booked that gig as the Night Riders.  Band members were Leon Perkins on drums, Adrian Ruger on keyboards, Jan Adams fiddle and rhythm guitar, Linda Jones on bass guitar, and me Perry Ekker playing lead guitar and now the pedal steel guitar.  I had started my pedal steel guitar playing journey.

Adrian Ruger could not work for a couple months.  Jan Adams knew RD Mount, a  harp and mandolin player.  RD filled Adrian's spot for a few jobs in early 1980.   Linda Jones soon quit and Adrian Ruger came back for a gig at a bar in Inkom, Idaho.  When Linda Jones quit, RD Mount switched to bass guitar.   The Night Riders were again set for band members.  Leon Perkins on drums, Adrian Ruger on keyboards, Jan Adams on fiddle and rhythm guitar, RD Mount on bass guitar, harp, and mandolin, and me, Perry Ekker on lead guitar and pedal steel guitar.  I would play bass on songs when RD played mandolin.

In late 1980, there were many bookings to include the Spanbauers Barn in Chubbuck, Idaho.  We also played in Blackfoot and Montpelier.  We had contracts with Kneels Bar and The Green-T in Pocatello.  We also played many Christmas and Cattleman's Association dances during the holidays.

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1976 / 1978 - The "Night Riders"  - Lava Hot Springs, Idaho

An upcoming local group, "The Night Riders",  were playing at the Wagon Wheel Lounge and were auditioning for a lead guitar player.   Ina suggested that the piano player of the Night Riders, Adrian Ruger, contact me.

In the early summer of 1976, I was in the middle of a fast pitch softball game when Adrian found me.  He requested that I grab my guitar and amp and go with him to Lava and audition by playing lead guitar for the weekend.   I did so, and after the weekend gig, Adrian told me that he had talked Leon Perkins, the leader of the band, into offering me the job.  I started fulltime with the "Night Riders" the next weekend.



The band members when I started in the summer of 1976 were Leon Perkins on drums, Adrian Ruger keyboards, Perry Ekker lead guitar, and Kurt Cain on bass.  

Some time while we were playing in Lava, Adrian and I caught half of a Charlie Pride concert in Pocatello before leaving for our gig in Lava Hot Springs 34 miles to the south.  Around 11:00 PM, Charlie Pride came through the door in Lava after his concert in Pocatello.  The crowd noticed and started a chant requesting that he sing with the Night Riders.  We finished the night playing background music for Charlie Pride on our little Lava stage.  It was the talk of the town for years.

The Wagon Wheel Lounge in Lava Hot Springs was a resort site.  The influx of travelers made the audience change every weekend.  Sunday night at the Wagon Wheel became jam night.  Musicians from Southern Idaho and Northern Utah would frequent the place to show off their talents.  With tourists, locals, and followers, the Night Riders kept the place hopping all three nights of the weekly gig.

The Night Riders original band worked in Lava Hot Springs as the house band at the Wagon Wheel Lounge until May 1978.  There were several reasons for the end of the house band gig at the Wagon Wheel. The main reason was that the new owners wanted to cycle bands through the club and not use a house band.  The Night Riders started booking other gigs but frequently returned to the Wagon Wheel Lounge until September 1978.

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1973 - Ina's band "Easy 3 and Me"

After returning to Hanksville, Utah from the military in 1969 and working in the uranium mines and oil fields around Green River, Utah, my wife and I with our small daughter (Michelle) migrated from Southern Utah to Pocatello, Idaho.  The move of January 1970 was necessary because of a job offer my sister Ina and her husband Ken had found.  This work move was the beginning of a long career working for Idaho Power Company and a new life style in Idaho playing music.

My sister Ina was singing lead for "Easy 3 and Me" at the Wagon Wheel Lounge in Lava Hot Springs when we moved to Idaho.   I would sit in once in a while and pick lead guitar with Ina's band.  When "The Easy 3 and Me" worked at the Wagon Wheel Lounge until 1976.

I recorded Ina's band one night while in Lava Hot Springs:

Ina singing, Nate on drums, Eddy on bass, and Mac on lead guitar.

Ina - Help Me Make It Through The Night Ina - Snow Bird

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1969 - News Years Eve in Richfield, Utah.

For several years, The Canyonlanders members were Steven Hatch on drums, George Hunt on bass, Greg Hunt on saxophone, my dad Darys Ekker on rhythm guitar, and me Perry Ekker on lead guitar.


We traveled over the Thousand Lake Mountain in the winter of 1969 to play for the New Years Eve Cattleman's Association dance in Richfield, Utah.  I took a reel-to-reel tape recorder I had purchased while in Vietnam.  The example songs from that night are poor quality in it's recording, just because I tried to record through microphones.

The Canyonlanders band was Steven Hatch on drums, George Andrew Hunt on bass, Greg Hunt on saxophone, Perry Ekker on lead guitar, and Darys Ekker on rhythm guitar. 

Steel guitar rag - Perry playing lead guitar Big Chief Buffalo Nickel - Darys Ekker
Crystal Chandelier - Darys Ekker Only Daddy That Will Walk The Line - Perry
Wipe Out - Steven Hatch on drums Tiger By The Tail - Darys Ekker

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1969 - Home from the service  - The "Big Apple" in Torrey, Utah.

After my return to Hanksville, Utah from the US Army in the summer of 1969, the  Canyonlanders band starting booking dances with me playing lead guitar.  We made arrangements to rent what was called "The Big Apple" in Torrey, Utah. The town of Torrey gave us "The Big Apple" facilities if we would pay the power bill.  

The Big Apple was a fenced slab of concrete with a covered bandstand, and for many years, had been the main Wayne County dance facility.  It had been inactive for years and some cleanup work was necessary to get it into dancing shape.  The facility was in down town Torrey, Utah and entrance was gained by crossing a wooden bridge over a 10 foot irrigation canal.  At the gated entranced to the dance slab there was a ticket and concession booth.  Along with the admission charge, and with the help of girlfriend's and wife's, we sold soft drinks and ice for the whiskey and beer hidden out in the parked vehicles.

With a few advertisement flyers indicating a Saturday night dance in the small county,  the Big Apple was filled to capacity every Saturday night that summer.  My father played for a few weekends but soon saw that we were playing for the younger generation.  We finished the summer playing 60's rock music without my father.   

The adventure made enough money to pay the power bill plus a small share for gas money.  The real reward was a summer of fun playing 60's rock-and-roll music for the kids of Wayne County.

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1968 - Music while in the US Army at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

When I returned from Vietnam in January 1968, I was stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Still very interested in playing music, I took my Fender Bassman amp and guitar to Fort Carson, Colorado.  I was 21 years old and by bar hopping, I found a band that needed a bass player.   I worked with a four-piece band that played at the Kit Kat Lounge in Colorado Springs and the Manitou Hot Springs resort just outside of Colorado Springs.

I also volunteered to be a member of the Fort Carson Army Base USO Show.  I played bass guitar at the monthly show for about six months.  I gave up the USO Show and the Bar band just before I got married in December 1968.

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1966 - College band at the Collage of Eastern Utah in Price, Utah.

During high school and then college in 1966, I played in Dad's country band, but ventured out to join other young pop 1960's bands.   In high school, Grant Maxfield and I formed a rock-and-roll band.  We played for high school dances where Grant and I switched playing lead guitar and bass guitar.

During college in Price, Utah at the College of Eastern Utah in 1966, a local college band was looking for a full time bass player.  I auditioned and the band hired me.   The gig I remember most was the Green River High School senior prom dance of 1966 and the street dances in Price, Utah.  We entered several "Battle of the Bands" contests in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and won a contest to open a concert for Chubby Checker.  That was a thrill for all of us in the little college band.

The 1966 rock-and-roll band fun came to an end when I was drafted into the service in July of 1966. I enlisted for a three year tour in the US Army Airborne.  I served with the 173d Airborne Brigade until  returning from Vietnam in January 1968.

During the school year in 1966, my mother made me have a picture taken with my English-made, Orvis bass guitar.

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1966  - "The Canyonlanders" 

This photo was taken in 1963 during the "The Friendship Cruise".  There was a dance held at Anderson Bottoms near the confluence of the Green and Colorado River's between Green River and Moab, Utah.  The Canyonlanders band members at the time were, Dad, me, my uncle Ted Ekker,  Lloyd Mecham, and his son Randy.

Tex McClatchy, who had a jet boat service, hauled band members, except Randy,  equipment, guitars, drums, PA, and generator in his large jet boat to Anderson Bottoms.  There, we setup on a sandy bar along the Green River and started playing authentic cowboy music. 

Getting ready to tip our hats to say thanks for the applause. 

The friendship cruise audience was a collection of river boaters from every walk of life.  There had to be over a thousand soles ready to party.  Half of which were young single river boat cowgirls.  This young lead guitarist was in seventh heaven.  It was a 16 year olds dream trip.

Now, Randy the drummer, liked his whiskey.  By 1:00 AM, he was wasted enough to start missing drums with his sticks.  Soon, about every other song, he would swing at a symbol.  The next time we looked, he was passed out face up, behind his drums in the sand.  We played on without a drummer until the sun came up before we pulled the plug on the generator. 

It just so happened that Randy drove his own boat and did not travel in the large jet boat with his drums.  He insisted that he would haul his drums back to Green River in his boat.  He was still tipsy when he took off up stream the following morning.  We followed but knew something was wrong when Randy's drums come floating down river.  He had hit a rock in the river and punched a large hole in his boat.  Other boats recovered Randy but he gave up on saving the boat or his drums.  Randy could not afford to replace the drums or the boat so that was it for Randy as Dad's drummer.

My father's band "The Canyonlanders", named for the Southern Utah country that surrounded my childhood, was well know in Southern Utah.  There was a demand for Dad's band for any sort of occasion.  Especially New Years Eve's and Cattleman's Association dances.

The first time ever recording the music of  my father's band, "The Canyonlanders", came when we played for the New Years Eve dance of 1966 in Green River, Utah.  I was 19 years old and we played for the New Years Eve dance just before I shipped off to Vietnam on January 13, 1967.

I actually had moved to Green River from Hanksville, Utah to attend high school when I was 13.  Ted Ekker, dad's brother, had offered his home for me to board while attending high school in Green River.  I lived in Ted's basement bedroom all four years of high school.

Grant Maxfield, 18 years old high school class mate in 1966, also played guitar and sang.  Grant and I, with Even Gibbons, had a little band in high school.  We played 60's rock-and-roll music.   In later high school years, my cousin Steven Hatch, Grant Maxfield and I, " The Great Trio" played music together.  Sadly, I dedicate this to Grant.

For the New Years Eve dance in Green River, Utah of 1966,  "The Canyonlanders" were Steven Hatch drummer, Dad playing rhythm guitar, Ted Ekker singing, while Grant and I would switch playing lead guitar or bass.

These are some songs from a 44 year old reel-to-reel tape that was recorded in Green River, Utah on New Years Eve, 1966.

Grant Maxfield playing lead guitar.  Perry Ekker playing bass.

Seventh Son - Grant Maxfield

Grant Maxfield playing lead guitar.  Perry Ekker playing bass. Maybelline - Grant Maxfield
Perry Ekker playing lead guitar and Grant Maxfield playing bass. Every Fool Has A Rainbow - Grant Maxfield
Perry Ekker playing lead guitar and Grant Maxfield playing bass. Memphis Tennessee - Grant Maxfield
Perry Ekker playing lead guitar and Grant Maxfield playing bass. Golden Rocket - Ted Ekker
Perry Ekker playing lead guitar and Grant Maxfield playing bass. Paper Roses - Darys Ekker
Perry Ekker playing lead guitar and Grant Maxfield playing bass. Knock Three Times - Connie King
Perry Ekker playing lead guitar and Grant Maxfield playing bass. Okie From Muskogee - Darys/Perry

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1965 - The 45 rpm recording

Our father had a dream of making a record with Ina and I.  We used a reel-to-reel tape recorder with microphones and recorded two songs that would be produced with the days technology.   Dad, somehow, sent the reel-to-reel recording to Baton Records.  They reproduced the recording into a 45 rpm record and burned 100 copies.


I'm searching to produce a digital format of the original 45 rpm record.  When I accomplish this task, I'll post the audio files here of "There He Goes" and "Crazy Dreams".

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1959 -  My first Les Paul Custom Gibson guitar

In January of 1959, my father purchased a new Gibson Les Paul Custom Sunburst guitar. The photo to the right is of me and my little brother LaMont.  He watched intently as I practiced.  I was 12 years old and the new guitar was an exciting step up from the Epiphone guitar I had played from age 8.

I played the 1959 Sunburst until one night in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, at the Wagon Wheel Lounge in 1978, it was knocked off the band stand and cracked the neck.  I replaced the guitar with a 1979 Sunburst.  Needless to say, I regret the incident and the loss of the 1959 Sunburst as you will see in the first 25 seconds of this Youtube video.

My childhood was filled with playing music and singing cowboy songs with my father as our guitars and amps were always setup in the living room of mother and dad's home.  Every spare minute was dedicated to playing music.  Dad had his own chug-a-chug style in playing country guitar.  Every song was the same chug-a-chug strumming.  He was set in his ways and never ventured out into modern country music.  I, on the other hand, was progressing in playing guitar and ventured out into guitar cord patterns Dad had never used.

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1958 - Loa, Utah - Wayne County Fair

By age 11,  my guitar playing skills were proficient enough to play the melody of most classic country and western songs.  Me and my father volunteered to play the background music at the Wayne County Fair rodeo.  Dad with his acoustic guitar and me with my Epiphone  Gibson guitar, played tit-bits of songs,  between cowboy riders and events.  We were plugged into the PA system so all could hear.  The rodeo crowd did show their appreciation for our music and it was a real memorable event in my life.  It was the first time I had entertained in front of a live audience.  I could now understand the feelings of pride and joy that my father projected when he was singing and playing for an audience.

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1955 - The music begin at age 8

I first started playing guitar at the age of eight.  My father had been playing guitar most of his life and it was only natural for him to teach me how to play.   My father was very active with local musicians and was always creating dance bands to provide music for local events. 

A special childhood acquaintance at a very young age was "Buddy Merrill",  who went on to work for "The Laurence Welk Show".  Buddy and his family grew up in the same area as my family.  My father and Buddy's stepfather, Lesley Bahuain, along with Buddy played as a band.  Buddy was the real inspiration for my desire to play guitar and the pedal steel guitar.  Buddy Merrill, Lesley Bahuain and my father, Darys Ekker, played music in the Southern Utah area until, while Buddy was competing in a talent show in Salt Lake City, Utah, he was noticed by Laurence Welk. Buddy was offered a job on his television show at age 14.  Lesley and his family left the remote community and made their way to California.  Lesley's family would keep in touch with my dad and mother and visited their Utah home town for many years after they moved to California.

Buddy Merrill  setup a professional recording studio in California.  Buddy and Lesley would send recording to dad and mother produced in Buddy's studio.  I have tapes and CD's of most of Buddy Merrill's work and the tapes that Les and Buddy recorded together.

This is a recordings Les and Buddy did around 1955.  Buddy is playing all instruments to include the drums.  Les played rhythm guitar and sang.

1955 - Black Board Of My Heart - Les Bahuain and Buddy Merrill

These are Buddy Merrill recording where he played all the instruments to include the drums.

Bed Of Roses Rose Garden

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Family Home Studio Recordings

1984 - The photo to the right is of the Ekker family playing for my nephew's wedding dance. Our father playing rhythm guitar, my brother LaMont on drums, my sister Ina singing, and me playing lead guitar.  My other sister, Connie, could not be there, but she also has a beautiful voice.

1984 - It was a passion of mine to use the latest technology to record in a home studio environment.  I started recording my two girls, Kim and Michelle. Kimberlee was 8 years old when we did these recordings.

Kimberlee - Daddy's Hands Kimberlee - The Hands That Rock The Cradle

1984 - I did some self recording with a drum machine to produce recordings.  The first pass at the recording, I would record the drum track with an acoustic guitar and sing the lead.  With the drum machine, the rhythm guitar, and my lead voice recorded,  I would play this back while adding the lead guitar, and then keep playing the recorded music back several times to add the bass guitar, steel guitar, and any  harmony parts I wanted to add.

These recordings are the Perry Ekker one man band.

Perry - Silver Wings Perry - Love Going To Live Here
Perry - One Night Stand Perry - Some Broken Hearts
1987 - I recorded the background for some steel guitar recordings.
Steel Guitar - Buds Bounce Steel Guitar - Honky Tonk Angles
Steel Guitar - Steel Guitar Rag Steel Guitar - Steel Talk Rag
Steel Guitar - A Waltz  

1989 - Adrian and I also did some home studio recordings.

Ghost Riders In The Sky  

1997 - The family did some recording while in Hanksville.  We used Ina's Karaoke machine and my  four-track cassette recorder for these recordings.

Connie - Grow Old With Me Kaci - If You're Not In It For Love

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