Bull Frog Bay Area

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The Bull Frog area is particularly interesting to Perry because he grew up in Southern Utah in the small town of Hanksville.  Not far from Bull Frog is the Shoot-A-Ring canyon uranium mines.   To the local  uranium miners the nickname for the mine is "Shit-er-ma-ring".  The Ekker family was a major player in the local mining community. Prospecting as a child Perry visited many area's,  The Rincon, Hanson Creek, and the Hall Creek Canyon areas. before Lake Powell existed.  Perry worked during the summer months of his high school days as a laborer on the first buildings and the boat ram at Bull Frog.  The Colorado River was still running at Halls Crossing.



These are photos from our June 2010 trip to Lake Powell.  We rented the house boat at Bull Frog Marina and when north toward Sevenmile Canyon.


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These are photos from our 2002 trip to Lake Powell.


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