Henry Mountains

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The Henry Mountains area is extremely remote.  The Ekker family owned placer and hard rock mining claims for gold and silver on the mountains for many generations.  Perry's dad Darys was the last interest owner and sold his mining rights in resent years.  Interesting things about the mountain range is that over 30 percent of the precipitation in the Henry Mountains falls in July and August, usually in the form of heavy thunderstorms, which may temporarily wash out roads.   Roads that are either gravel or dirt and not all are regularly maintained, making them unsuitable for some automobiles. Roads at high elevations can be impassible due to rockslides and snow. Snowdrifts usually block Bull Creek Pass until late July. 


I carved my name in an Aspen on Henry Mountains the summer I returned home from Vietnam in 1968.  This picture was taken by Kim Wilson who found the name in 2008.

The Bobcat photo was taken by Kim Wilson in the early 1970's when my father was a Government Trapper on the Henry Mountains.

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These pictures are from a visit to Hanksville Kodi and I took in 2002.



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These are pictures from a trip to visit my parents in 1978.


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