Robbers Roost

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The Robbers Roost country lies northeast of Hanksville about twenty miles.  There is a long history of this area.  The Ekker family ran cattle in the area for decades.   The Robbers Roost Ranch is still owned by Ekker family members.


2010 - Some photos taken at the Robbers Roost ranch by Kim Wilson.  You can select an image to see a larger image.



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2002 - These pictures were taken by Kodi and I while in Hanksville visiting my family.



Kodi enjoying the view.


The Dirty Devil River.


Looking down toward the bad lands of the Roost.


The Dirty Devil River.


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1978 - These pictures were taken from an aircraft owned by my cousin Dennis who flew me and some friends over the Robbers Roost country while we were on a trip to Lake Powell.

Know as the Robbers Roost Flats, cattle from the Ekker ranch grazed.


Using small aircraft is common in the area. These photos were taken from my cousinís airplane.


Looking west from the Robbers Roost at the Dirty Devil River with the Henry Mountains in the foreground.


This area is call The Maze.


The Maze with the old Flint Trail dropping off into the Colorado River's Cataract Canyon.


The Colorado River's Cataract Canyon.


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