2 - Beds and Dressers

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I've designed and built several beds and dressers over the years.  Here are some that I found pictures for.


2013  - I designed and built a bed room set for my grand daughter Kirsi. It was a fun and challenging project.  The raised single bed design consisted of three components.  The bed frame was built to house a 7-drawer dresser under the front and a book-case on the stair end of the bed. 

Raised single bed plan

Book Case for the end of the bed plan

7-Drawer Dresser plan

All put together in the shop just before I delivered the set to Idaho Falls.

The bed project setting in Kirsi's room.

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1993 - 5 - drawer dresser designed and built.

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1992 - A client wanted a small child's dresser with drawers and a space to hand some of her cloths. I came up with this design using red oak with painted inserts.

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1991 - An eastern white pine single bed with three large drawers and a matching 6-drawer dresser.

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1991 - A corner make-up dresser built for my daughter.

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1987 - A corner dresser built for my young son's bed room.

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