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The porch post came for the Warm Lake fire just as did the load of logs that were milled for the rafters.  We used big foot plastic cone shaped footers and 10" sona tub.  A triangle shaped #4 rebar cage was used to reinforce the concrete.  The base of the footers were 42" below grade and on 8' centers.  Forest helped Matt and I mix and pore the concrete with our 1/3 yard electric mixer.   The pore took about two hours for the two yards needed for the job. The ledger and header plate, Matt milled from the logs.  The rafter are 2" X 8" X 10' secured with a 2" X 4" nailed to the roof TJI's.  The stringers are milled 1" random weight stock.  30lb roofing paper will be applied before we install the metal roofing.





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