Project History 2005

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The Cabin project finally came to be.  We had all the approvals with Perry's AutoCAD drawings and finalized all the requirements for the construction loan with Idaho Banking.  We setup the contract with Matt for labor while Perry would act as the General Contractor. With final plans, material lists, all permits,  and a detail schedule for the activity layout, the work was ready to begin in the spring of 2005.

Construction Events:

June 06, 2005



August 13, 2005

Post and Beam

June 10, 2005

Crawl Space Excavation


August 24, 2005


June 12, 2005

Water and Power Lines

Oct 24, 2005


June 23, 2005

Foundation and Footings


Oct 25, 2005


July 27, 2005

Wall Construction


Nov 25,2005

Closed In - Metal Roof

August 8, 2005

Septic System - Backfill



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